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Wydarzenia naukowe  

Wydarzeniach i osiągnięcia naukowe

On 9th of June 2009, at 2:15 pm in room 104 Prof. Eduardo Godoya from Uniwersytetu of Vigo (Spain) will gine a talk on Monic orthogonal polynomial solutions of partial differential equations. Calculation of main characteristics.

On 7th of January (at 12:15 in room 103) our graduate Aleksander Mądry (currently at MIT) will talk about his latest results about approximating the Traveling Salesman Problem. His article on this subject was announced as the best paper on SODA'10.

On 14th of January 2010, at 12:15 in room 103, our graduate Aleksander Mądry (currently Ph.D. student at MIT) will give a talk on: Faster generation of random spanning trees.

Dariusz Jackowski: Algorithmic music

On 8th of April Dariusz Jackowski will give a talk about algorithmic music. The talk will be held in room 119 at 12:00.

Paweł Rychlikowski

On 21st of April at 2:15 pm in room 140 during a lecture of Zdzisława Spławskiego "Teoretyczne podstawy języków programowania" Veronica Gaspes from Halmstad University will give a guest talk: Domain specific embedded languages for network software. More information on Veronica Gaspes can be found on her web page.

Michał Moskal on Verifying Concurrent C Code with VCC

On 2nd December at 4:15 pm in room 325 Michał Moskal will talk about Verifying Concurrent C Code with VCC

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