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Research projects  

Research projects financed by Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

  1. Conjunctive grammars and language equations
    Leader: prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Loryś
    Duration: 2008-2010
  2. Combinatorial Analysis of Distributed Algorithms
    Leader: Mirosław Kutyłowski, Ph.D. Prof. (Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology)
    Duration: 2008-2010
  3. Approximation and online algorithms
    Leader: Krzysztof Loryś, Ph.D. Prof.
    Duration: 2007-2010
  4. Security of computer programs
    Leader: Leszek Pacholski, Ph.D. Prof.
    Duration: 2006-2009
  5. Decidability of some logical theories motivated by problems in computer science
    Leader: Jerzy Marcinkowski, Ph.D.
    Duration: 2006-2009
  6. Dynamic networks: exploration and data management
    Leader: Marcin Bieńkowski, Ph.D.
    Duration: 2006-2008
  7. Construction and analysis of approximation algorithms for graph problems
    Leader: Krzysztof Loryś, Ph.D. Prof.
    Duration: 2006-2008
  8. Automata theory and formal languages' techniques in pattern matching,
    security, computational complexity, and natural language processing

    Leader: Tomasz Jurdziński, Ph. D.
    Duration: 2006-2008
  9. Applications of the notion of type to verification and certification of computer programs
    Leader: Leszek Pacholski, Ph. D. Prof.
    Duration: 2000-2003
  10. Parallel and sequential approximation algorithms for combinatorial and geometric problems
    Kierownik: Krzysztof Loryś, Ph. D. Prof.
    Duration: 2000-2002
  11. Informatics Education in Polish School System
    Leader: Maciej M. Sysło, Ph. D. Prof.
    Duration: 2001-2002
  12. Cost reduction of Monte Carlo image synthesis using Minkowski operators and offsets
    Leader: Leszek Pacholski, Ph. D. Prof.
    Duration: 2000-2001
  13. Applications of recurrence relations in the theory of orthogonal series
    Leader: Stanisław Lewanowicz, Ph. D. Prof.
    Duration: 1999-2001
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