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Course of Programming in ANSI C  

    Type: course of programming tools
    ECTS: 5 credits
    Hours: 30h lectures, 30h labs
    Assessment: programming assignments and a small final project
    Semester: winter


None, some programming experience will be helpful.

Objective of the course:

The goal is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the programming in the ANSI C language with many examples and supervised practical sessions in computer labs. No previous programming experience is assumed, but students with no experience will need to do more homework to keep in line with others. The language is introduced in a structural manner, beginning with the simple constructs and working up to more complex issues, for example, pointers and dynamic data structures, file manipulations or recursive functions. The last lectures are devoted to some aspects of the C++ language. Learning effective programming and the good programming practice are the main objectives of the course.

Contents of the course:

  1. Basic programming constructs: statements and declarations.
  2. Standard data types and expressions.
  3. Standard input/output, filters.
  4. Functions and the structure of programs.
  5. Arrays and pointers, aggregate structures and unions.
  6. Dynamic memory allocation and the C runtime library.
  7. Sequential and random file manipulation.
  8. Classes, objects and streams in C++.

Recommended reading:

  • Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritche, The C Programming Language, second edition, Prentice Hall Software Series.
  • Herbert Schildt, C - The Complete Reference, Osborne McGraw-Hill.
  • ISO/IEC 9899 - Programming languages - C (the current ISO standard).
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